Winning until the Wolves

Sunday was the last day of our "Unplugged Weekend". We woke up and the kids wanted to get outside and run around the farmhouse one last time. It was definitely a lot chillier, but they didn't seem to mind since the sun was out and the skies were blue. We ate breakfast and sent them… Continue reading Winning until the Wolves

Day 2 – Want Adventure? Alpaca bag.

Day 2 of Unplugged weekend was upon us. We had not only survived 24 hours tech free, we were having fun and the kids were excited to see what today's adventures had in store for us. We headed to Mount Joy, PA for my next surprise... a 10am tour at Eastland Alpacas farm. Let me… Continue reading Day 2 – Want Adventure? Alpaca bag.

Day 1. Unplugged & Winning

Well, we survived! One teen, two parents and three tweens...completely unplugged for one weekend and back to tell the tale. We had the BEST surpassed my expectations and the kids even asked to DO IT AGAIN! What!? We have so many things to recommend if you want to have some fun, and even better,… Continue reading Day 1. Unplugged & Winning

Flu over Flowers

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you had a great day with your loved ones. Mine was a little different this year as our house got hit with the FLU yesterday. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Strain A and was totally knocked out and looking just awful. I lost a lot of my typical Valentine's… Continue reading Flu over Flowers

Gearing up for the Farm Life

Well, not really the farm life as there won't be any cows to milk, or sheep to shave...but we are staying at a modernized farmhouse for our "Unplugged Weekend". Can I talk about the level of excitement in the house for this trip? It's palpable. The kids are as eager to do this as they… Continue reading Gearing up for the Farm Life

Raising the “Breakfast Club”

Many of you know I have four kids, and they are REALLY close in age. Like 4 kids all within 2.5 years kind of close in age. (That's what happens when you get pregnant with twins six weeks after having your second baby). But everything happens for a reason. I have my 2 beautiful, healthy… Continue reading Raising the “Breakfast Club”

Need a little sweetness in my life…

Sugar. Yes please.... Soooo, did you guys see Adam Levine's halftime show on Sunday night? Can't get those abs, I mean lyrics, out of my head now. Seriously, I know it was hated by some, loved by others, but in my opinion, it was better than the most boring Super Bowl game ever, and I… Continue reading Need a little sweetness in my life…

I will not stay silent.

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride. Teen Why are parents not talking more about them? Warnings? PSA's? We hear ALL about the terrible twos.... I call BS! Terrible teens is THE REAL DEAL. And I'm here to educate young mothers everywhere. Take your two year old drama and multiply that by… Continue reading I will not stay silent.

Moms Gone Mild 2019

Aaaah...January. The month that most despise because of the 8,732 days in it. For me, however, I look forward to it. Relaxation after an insane holiday season and kids back in school, but mostly, a weekend away with my college girlfriends.... It all started 11 years ago in Hershey, PA. My girls were 6 months… Continue reading Moms Gone Mild 2019