Teens in Tennessee; Spring Break 2019

Four adults, four tweens and two teens stay in a log cabin in Tennessee...sounds like the beginning of a crazy joke, right? But for us, Spring Break 2019 was filled with laughter and fun and is a must share with anyone looking to visit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We started our trip at the DreamMore hotel… Continue reading Teens in Tennessee; Spring Break 2019

Pack the Snacks! Traveling with Teens….

Packing for a family of six doesn't need to be a scary thing. Since we are a larger family, most of our East Coast travel is in the car. Road trips are my preferred method of travel to begin with so I've had some practice in attempting to perfect it all. As soon as I… Continue reading Pack the Snacks! Traveling with Teens….

And the Planning Begins….

Each year, as soon as the snow begins to melt, I start to dream about the warm weather, and what I can plan to do in it. I'm excited to be working on our Spring Break trip today; complete with a cup of coffee and my cool new Trip-Tik. Even though everything is automated these… Continue reading And the Planning Begins….

Road Trip Challenge

Funny thing about life is that when you think you know just what you're doing, little things pop up along the way and you realize there is so much more for you to learn. Even at my age (which is 29 and holding), I thought I was pretty good at saving money. Now, don't get… Continue reading Road Trip Challenge

Amaz(on)ing Vacation

My husband and I took a vacation. Sans kids. Typically we prefer to do things as a family, but realize (not often enough) that we need our own time away too. So off to Jamaica we went. It was a family vacation of sorts as we went with my cousins and their spouses. 12 adults… Continue reading Amaz(on)ing Vacation

Brow Chicka Wow Wow

Eyebrows. I've honestly never given too much thought about them. I had a thick pair back in the early 90's thanks to my mom never telling me people plucked, waxed or sculpted them. It wasn't until I went on Spring Break my sophomore year in COLLEGE, that I met a girl who changed my brow… Continue reading Brow Chicka Wow Wow

If I could turn back Time…

So today Facebook and Instagram had a worldwide outage. Did you notice? I didn't at first, at least until I went to check the "Decor-eating with Melissa" message inbox. It showed I had 2 new messages, but would just spin and spin, never to bring up the page. It took me back to the days… Continue reading If I could turn back Time…

Winning until the Wolves

Sunday was the last day of our "Unplugged Weekend". We woke up and the kids wanted to get outside and run around the farmhouse one last time. It was definitely a lot chillier, but they didn't seem to mind since the sun was out and the skies were blue. We ate breakfast and sent them… Continue reading Winning until the Wolves

Day 2 – Want Adventure? Alpaca bag.

Day 2 of Unplugged weekend was upon us. We had not only survived 24 hours tech free, we were having fun and the kids were excited to see what today's adventures had in store for us. We headed to Mount Joy, PA for my next surprise... a 10am tour at Eastland Alpacas farm. Let me… Continue reading Day 2 – Want Adventure? Alpaca bag.