Make a Wish…

My son has a terrible nut allergy, so often times, we are unable to have a birthday cake made for him at a bakery. I have always made something work, but for his 13th birthday, he wanted something special. He wished for a true, allergy-friendly cake. Your wish is my command. This cake was easier… Continue reading Make a Wish…


Golden is the new Orange and Black.

It's October and that means the beginning of the holiday season. Each month brings a new holiday, for the next three months, ending with my most favorite time of all! But before I get ahead of myself, let's talk Halloween. I'm not sure how many of you are like me, but I typically hate cooking… Continue reading Golden is the new Orange and Black.

Beep-Beep, its Back to School

The summer days, filled with endless fun, wound down quicker than expected, and it's now time to get back into the routine of early nights and much earlier mornings. We have an annual tradition on "School Years Eve", where we all enjoy a Back to School breakfast, for dinner. I make a slew of pancakes,… Continue reading Beep-Beep, its Back to School

Gucci, Gucci Goo!

How I can have another baby about to enter the teen years? No more "Gucci, Gucci Goo's" coming from the family room. Now it's the sounds of ESPN, Fortnite games, and YouTube videos. How did he grow up so fast? My middle child. My drives-me-crazy child. He is growing into such a caring, young-man, who… Continue reading Gucci, Gucci Goo!

19335’s Peach Pit After Dark

Today is the day most women (over the age of 35) have been looking forward to, since February, when it was announced that 90210 was in the works for a reboot. Six episodes of 90's awesomeness. Today will bring us back to when the Walsh family was the coolest family in town, when vests and… Continue reading 19335’s Peach Pit After Dark

Second Day, Second Park.

The Williamsburg hotel rate that I booked through AAA was so affordable that we booked two adjoining rooms, one for the kids and one for my husband and me to relax in. After all, a little space is nice. While the kids were excited for the “kids’ only” room, my husband and I were excited… Continue reading Second Day, Second Park.

The Hottest Road Trip of 2019

Literally. When Willie Nelson sang "On the Road Again" and we decided to heed his advice and head to Williamsburg, Virginia, I envisioned my family and me running through a gorgeous park, snacking on churros, making picture-perfect memories on a day with temperatures that gave our cheeks a rosy glow in all of the pictures.… Continue reading The Hottest Road Trip of 2019

Tell me what you want, what you Willie, Willie Want.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about our annual summer travel plans when one of his favorite songs came on the radio. "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again.....On the road again, going places that I've never been". Willie Nelson basically interrupted our chat and… Continue reading Tell me what you want, what you Willie, Willie Want.

“Donut” forget about the desserts!

My sons 13th birthday is coming up and dessert tables are always hard to fill with tasty pastries and cakes because of his tree nut allergy. The one thing he has eaten consistently over the last few years at birthday parties are donuts. Dunkin Donuts does not use pecans or walnuts, (which he was tested… Continue reading “Donut” forget about the desserts!