Love, Kisses and Galentine Wishes

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission at no cost to you. January. Such an in-between month. Gone are the twinkling lights and garland wrapped down the staircase, and the house feels abnormally bland. I normally am happy with the decor of my house, except for the month of… Continue reading Love, Kisses and Galentine Wishes


OMG Santa?! I Know Him!

This past weekend was the second "dinner and a movie" night on our holiday bucket list and it's one of our favorites...Elf! After last weeks movie not really capturing the kids attention like it used to, I'm happy to say this was still great. We giggled in the same spots, and even the teens were… Continue reading OMG Santa?! I Know Him!

Merry Grinchmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like least in our house. Christmas decor and twinkling lights make me so happy and in this crazy world, I'll take all the happy I can. Especially raising four teenagers. Oy. My tree may be up year-round. This past weekend we started our holiday movie bucket list. We… Continue reading Merry Grinchmas!

Deck the Halls, With All Your Boxes…

If you're part of my Facebook Daily Deals page ( or just checking off your kids Christmas lists, you probably are starting to accrue a lot of brown shipping boxes. I know I've been getting an obscene amount from Amazon. I tried to break them down really fast so my husband wouldn't see just how… Continue reading Deck the Halls, With All Your Boxes…

Trick or Treating Teens

My husband once said, years ago, to a group of boys who came to our door one Halloween night, "Aren't you guys a little old to trick or treat?" He handed them candy and they laughed, but I was appalled that he would even say that! Especially to a bunch of boys who chose to… Continue reading Trick or Treating Teens

Planning for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

I know, I's not even Halloween. Believe me, my house is all decked out for the trick-or-treating, but I've also heard people (especially those who see my Christmas crafting and themed movie nights) say that they wish they had the time. Well, guess what!? You do! You just have to start planning now! if… Continue reading Planning for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

Halloween 2019: Trick or Eat.

It's no secret I love to theme my meals. It's truly the only time I really enjoy cooking. I wish I liked it more, especially now that my kids are getting older and don't like the cutesy little meals I once relished in making. October is a fun time to be in the kitchen. Every… Continue reading Halloween 2019: Trick or Eat.

You’re Going to “Fall” for New Jersey

When I had told my Long Island-based extended family that we were planning a fall family weekend in Manhattan, they were excited to have us as house guests. But this wasn't that kind of trip. A weekend trip starting Friday after-school, leaves one a bit strapped in the time department. Couple that with the drive… Continue reading You’re Going to “Fall” for New Jersey

Central Park Perks…Saving in the City

I'm someone who is stuck between, "You only live once" and "I need to save." Anyone else feel this way? As I mentioned in the last blog, we are beginning our fall family getaway to New York City. Growing up in Long Island, you'd think I'd have a lot more time in the city under… Continue reading Central Park Perks…Saving in the City

Life Is Short. Take the Trip.

We all know that life is super busy, and I'm sure my family is not the only one to get caught up in kids' schedules, sports, work and everything else thrown our way. There is never a perfect time, schedule-wise, to take a trip, but I make a point to carve out at least a… Continue reading Life Is Short. Take the Trip.