Decor-eating with Disney

Recently, I surprised my kids with a going away dinner the night before we left for Disney. Because I knew we were about to spend a ton of money, I needed to keep the cost down and get the most bang for my buck. Today’s blog is extremely quick and will show you how to decorate for a Disney dinner with little effort and a lot of pizzazz. (I just love that word). Anyhoo…..

If you’re not in Target weekly like I am, you may not know that Target now carries a Disney line. I found these Mickey and Minnie crackers after Christmas on clearance, so I snatched them up. Inside of each one is a pair of Disney socks. So neat! (Christmas sales are long over BUT if you are going to Disney, they have a great spring break section out right now, including fun family shirts like these!) They also have Minnie and Mickey Goldfish, so I grabbed two bags. The bags aren’t the only thing decorated, there are actually Mickey shaped heads inside. Too cute!

My stop for the table settings was at the Dollar Tree. Here I was able to pick up round black plates, both dinner and dessert sizes, red napkins (I purchased the rectangular ones, not the square), a red tablecloth and yellow cups. My total for the table setting? $5!!! Yours may vary for your family size, but I was able to make 5 Minnie and Mickey sets with what I purchased.

As you can see, it’s super easy to create Mickey and Minnie. Two dessert plates for the ears and a round dinner plate for the face. I used string to scrunch and tie the middle of the napkin to resemble bows. Super cute and soooo simple.

And what table isn’t completely ready without a sweet treat for after you eat?!? I picked up Most Stuffed Oreos that are out right now, and also a bag of mini oreos. Because there is so much filling inside the “Most Stuffed”, I was able to put a whole mini in each side of the cream to make the ears. You can also use double stuff, however, with those, you’d have to “unscrew” the mini oreos and put one of the sides in…too narrow for a full cookie.

Easy peasy. And because we were leaving the next morning, super early, it was an easy dinner of… Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog… I sang that as I served, but my teens weren’t nearly as excited about that as they were the Oreo Mickeys.

Aah well, can’t win them all.

M-I-C…see you real soon. K- E- Y. Why? Because I like you.



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