I Love You to Pizzas

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the days when my children and I would spend an afternoon putting together their Valentine’s Day cards for friends and classrooms. Enter the teen years and those card-trading days are long over, but yet I try to hold onto the holiday with them. I will celebrate the little things with my kids for as long as I can. That being said, what to do with teens?

Feed them.

Today we had a Valentine’s luncheon where we all got what we wanted. The kids had friends over, I got to theme a lunch and everyone ate their hearts out. No pun intended.

It was really easy to theme this pizza luncheon. I purchased some buffalo plaid wrapping paper after the holidays at TJ Maxx with the idea I’d either use next Christmas or as it seems, to use for a runner for our pizza party.

The Dollar Tree is great for holidays. I was able to get a bag of heart balloons, the white plates and the plaid plates, as well as the red napkins and white untensils. $5 for all of that!

I purchased the themed pizza plates, beverage napkins and the centerpiece pizza decor from Party City.

But the best part is the food. Oh yummy, yummy food.

First, the main course. The pizza. After eating at the same delicious pizza place for the last 14 years, we have developed quite a relationship with the owner. Thankfully, he is used to my love for themes and every so often I’ll send him an idea/picture and ask if he can make. He never disappoints. Look at this gorgeous heart-shaped pizza. Obviously he has made these before, but the new addition of the edible rose is what took this pizza up a notch! While these aren’t on the menu, you can call Caln Pizza and Pasta and inquire about ordering a custom-made pizza. As you can imagine, the rose is pretty time- consuming, but if they have enough notice, I’m sure Caln Pizza will be happy to help you.

Next up I tried my hand at making sugar cookies with royal icing. I normally order these, but my cookie lady is moving, so I’m going to have to learn myself. It was easier than I expected to make the icing and tasted good too, although my daughter said I put too much lemon extract in. Oh well, it was to taste, and I like me some lemon!

I cheated on the cookies. I bought the Betty Crocker bagged sugar cookie mix for $1.99 from our local grocery store. Rolled the cookies out and put a larger round plate on top of the dough to make a circle. I cut that out and had the perfect circle. A large knife helped cut them into perfect slices of pizza. Bake per the directions and let cool. Now the tricky part. Decorating.

I’m not into re-inventing the wheel, so I took a look at some You-Tube videos and followed this one. It gives the main recipe in the links also, if you don’t have time for the video. I purchased Wilton Color Gel and the disposable pastry bag kit to complete coloring and piping the icing on the cookies.

My daughter made a cake and some brownies…we LOVE this pan for brownies (even though it’s really for biscuits and shortbread etc) but it just so happens to resemble pizza slices, so BONUS!!

The kids were happy, I was happy…the afternoon was a win for all. And these favors…how cute? Thanks Najib for the pizza boxes, and Party City for carrying $5 towels with pizzas on them!!!

So there you have it. A pizza my heart was filled today with a full house of laughing, happy kids who were (maybe unknowingly) celebrating Valentine’s Day with me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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