Love, Kisses and Galentine Wishes

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January. Such an in-between month. Gone are the twinkling lights and garland wrapped down the staircase, and the house feels abnormally bland. I normally am happy with the decor of my house, except for the month of January. Every year as I put my non-holiday items back out, I get a sense of “blah”. Does this happen to anyone else?

Over the years, I’ve started keeping a few “winter” items out from Christmas, and have started decorating earlier and earlier for Valentine’s Day. My son doesn’t get it. At all. But then again, as a teenager, it’s his job to turn his nose up at most things I do, right? I even managed to get a major eye roll from both boys when I asked them if they wanted to have a Valentine’s Day party. No? Ok, then.

On to Plan B. I asked my 12 year old daughters, if they’d like to celebrate Galentine’s Day with me. Without any hesitation, or even knowing what that meant, they said yes. These girls are pretty smart. They know themed snacks will be involved.

I began decorating and decided to keep up the super flocked trees in my kitchen. I picked up a few strands of this felt garland and it’s perfect! No glitter, which is key for me, and high quality. Will last for years! You can get it here:

My daughters were looking for matching shirts, but I am all about trying to get the most bang for my buck. We have a few different heart/love shirts, but I saw this loungewear and it just screamed to me. I heard it, I swear. Scrolling through and this set said “Be Mine”…so it did. Would be rude not to, right? I couldn’t leave the girls out either. They love comfy pajamas and will wear these year round. You can find them here:

I decided to opt out of Valentine’s Day candy this year. We are going to have heart shaped brownies and strawberry milkshakes during our little Galentine’s celebration, so that alone is more than enough. I did get them a little Galentine’s gift…I loved the sentiment on the card with this necklace. The price-tag was perfect too. Only $9.99 shipped!! You can find them here at

We are going to watch the 1985’s favorite, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” movie, order some sushi, and pop some popcorn. With all of their favorite foods included in this night, I’m pretty sure a Galentine’s tradition will be formed.

Do you have any traditions with your kids for Valentine’s Day? As kids get older, it gets harder to create memories that both you and they will enjoy for these fun, little holidays, but I’d love to hear what you do!

Love and Kisses….and Galentine Wishes!



One thought on “Love, Kisses and Galentine Wishes

  1. Sounds like you will have a lovely evening! Love the decorations and that you’re keeping the trees up! The loungewear looks so comfy too! Gotta love “”!


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