OMG Santa?! I Know Him!

This past weekend was the second “dinner and a movie” night on our holiday bucket list and it’s one of our favorites…Elf! After last weeks movie not really capturing the kids attention like it used to, I’m happy to say this was still great. We giggled in the same spots, and even the teens were thoroughly engrossed throughout the movie. Because many of us are parents who spend our weekends running from one sport to another, you’ll be happy to know that planning for this meal really didn’t take much time. A quick trip for a few groceries and a stop at a drive-thru and voila! Dinner and a movie, Elf style.

Buddy the Elf cardboard cutout found here:

I really enjoy theming food to quotes in movies. For example:

We went to our local Wendy’s and ordered 6 burgers (2 Bacon burgers, 2 Singles with Cheese and 2 Jr. cheeseburgers). I also made some elf-hat style chicken quesadillas as an option or add-on as well. I used Mission Garden Vegetable tortillas, filled them with pepper-jack cheese and some shredded chicken, and then topped with a sliver of american cheese. They were really, really good. I loved the flavor! They are delish dipped in salsa too.

At the grocery store, we bought Pillsbury ready-to-bake Elf cookies, and added a lollipop stick into them before baking. These are small, but the lollipop stick makes them look super cute and seem bigger! We bought the Smiley Potatoes for our “Smiling is my favorite” quote and my 12 year-old made yummy meringue cookies the night before and piped them to resemble an elf hat.

Was super excited to find the Worlds Best Cup of Coffee Mug at #kohls
Elf Favor Bags found here:
Not pictured were our Elf paper products bought here:

Now my mom will probably ask where the veggies are in this meal, but as the backdrop states, we elves try to stick to the four main food groups. Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns and Syrup. It would be rude to deviate from their diet for this evenings meal. We also added some marshmallow trees to go with Buddy’s story about traveling through the seven levels of the candy cane forest on his way to the Lincoln tunnel….

Frames for the quotes can be bought here:

See how easy that was? Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins, give it a go!

Stay tuned for our next Dinner and holiday movie night!



2 thoughts on “OMG Santa?! I Know Him!

  1. Hahahaha…love all the cute sayings, decorations and of course the simple instructions to make this a fun filled night for all!. Hey…I did see some lettuce on those burgers! Great read! Thanks for sharing.


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