Merry Grinchmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…at least in our house. Christmas decor and twinkling lights make me so happy and in this crazy world, I’ll take all the happy I can. Especially raising four teenagers. Oy. My tree may be up year-round.

This past weekend we started our holiday movie bucket list. We started with a family favorite, “The Grinch”. Sadly I could tell it wasn’t quite holding their attention as it has years prior, so I’m wondering if this is our last Grinch themed dinner.

My daughter was my assistant in the kitchen today and we had fun and made a big ol’ mess that I’m putting off cleaning by writing this blog tonight, when I planned to do it tomorrow while the kids are at school.

Our menu:

We also had some snacks for during the movie including:

After making the Grinch foods, we set up our buffet. It looked really cute!!

The Grinch popcorn treat stand came with everything but the popcorn…it’s really sturdy and nicely made! Did I mention it’s only $7.99?! You can find it here:

I also purchased the naughty and nice plates here too!!

Naughty: Nice:

We made the Grinch mint hot cocoa and it was a hit! They loved it. (Recipe linked above). I got these great Tervis mugs with the heart on it to represent the Grinch’s heart and how it grew. I bought them here: It was really important to me that their drinks had lids because, yes, teens still spill.

Lids were put on after the whipped cream was down some.

We had strawberry heart kabobs in three sizes ( heart cookie cutters here; We had salsa and chips and guacamole and chips throughout the movie. Each child had their own plate…these hearts are the BEST to hold snacks. Perfect for so many seasons and holidays too! I got them here:

We purchased Xochitl Tortilla chips at our local grocery store (Wegmans) and they thankfully had the holiday chips already. Red and green in one bag so I just separated colors and placed on plates. (Our striped plates and jingle bell chargers are from #pier1 last year.)

The backdrop is going to be used quite often…it’s perfect for the holiday season, then easily stored and used for years to come. It’s pretty thick and I’m happy with the quality. What sold me was it was non-reflective so pictures wouldn’t have a glare. I purchased here: .

My daughter made these pinwheel cookies…she worked so hard on them and they came out great. Don’t mind the mess in the back of the pic..I have this little Facebook daily deals group if you don’t already know…and packages keep getting delivered. I’m my own best follower…(You can find the deals page here:

We enjoyed our themed dinner and I hope you do too!!

Stay tuned for our next movie night!!



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