Deck the Halls, With All Your Boxes…

If you’re part of my Facebook Daily Deals page ( or just checking off your kids Christmas lists, you probably are starting to accrue a lot of brown shipping boxes. I know I’ve been getting an obscene amount from Amazon. I tried to break them down really fast so my husband wouldn’t see just how many, but between Alexa notifying us that packages have been delivered, and our Ring showing the stacks, it was pointless. So I decided to re-purpose them for this Christmas Eve.

Many of you have probably seen somewhere on Facebook or Pinterest, the Snowmen families made out of boxes. Those are super cute, but I wanted to change it up a little bit for each of my kids. Because I have a bit of a shopping problem, I was able to knock these out really quickly.

Inside each of these boxes are gifts, wrapped-up inside for the family. I was going to fill each one specifically with gifts for a certain child, but gift-sizes varied and with boxes being a set size, it wasn’t working out. So there are gifts for each child, inside each box. There are a few hubby gifts in there and maybeeee a few for mom in there too. Thanks Santa!!!

Although this looks time consuming, it’s not once you have everything. I’ve taken all of the hard-work out of it for you, so all you need to do is follow the supply list below and then wrap.

First things first…Save those boxes!! You can even ask friends for some…that also provides an alibi when your husband sees all the boxes… just make sure to rip off the address label on them. I kid, I kid.

Yes, those are pumpkins in my pic. I start shopping early!

Once you have your boxes, wrap your gifts and put inside the boxes. Now you’re ready to wrap and decorate with the supplies listed below:

For the tree:



  • Black Wrapping paper from the snowman
  • Gold Wrapping paper from the tree
  • Red Wrapping paper (embossed from Hobby Lobby $4.50 roll)
  • White paper from snowman
  • Part of the red boa from the tree
  • Black faux fur (Craft section Hobby Lobby. $2.99 but used 40% off coupon)
  • Clip art for face. Size to box size. (I found mine in the google image search for nutcracker face…but it’s linked as a tote here: )


In addition, you’ll need scissors, packing tape (to reseal boxes) and scotch tape (for the wrapping paper). A glue gun was used to adhere the pom-poms and star to the tree. For the Nutcracker and Santa arms, use the inner tube of the wrapping paper!

Voila! Simple and easy!! Wrap as shown in the pictures.

If you make these, let me know how they turn out. Would love to see pictures on

Happy Shopping!!!



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