Life Is Short. Take the Trip.

We all know that life is super busy, and I’m sure my family is not the only one to get caught up in kids’ schedules, sports, work and everything else thrown our way. There is never a perfect time, schedule-wise, to take a trip, but I make a point to carve out at least a weekend every few months to regroup as a family and have some fun together.

Fall is my favorite time of year to do just that, but unfortunately, it’s also the hardest time to get away because of sports schedules. However, after doing some research and finding an unbeatable deal, I had to make it work. We normally travel as a family of six, but to make this trip work, we are going as a family of five. As a mom, it was not my ideal plan, but my younger son had made a commitment and meeting that commitment was more important than going on this trip. Luckily, he is so excited to be staying with friends from our football family, and he’s already received a few texts asking kinds of snacks he likes!

Because we are short on time for this weekend excursion, we decided to go somewhere that doesn’t require a long drive. New York City it is!

The last time my husband and I went for a weekend in the city, the hotel room was so expensive- and so tiny to-boot! My husband’s legs didn’t even fit on the bed! It was comical at the time, but not funny enough to repeat! We need a hotel room that’s inexpensive yet large enough that we can all enjoy the time we spend in the room.

We decided to stay outside of New York altogether and rent two rooms in, gasp, New Jersey. I booked the hotel for two nights at the Best Western Premiere NYC Gateway hotel in North Bergen. Haven’t heard of it before? Me neither. Well folks, it is located right by the Lincoln Tunnel. PLUS, the hotel has free parking and a shuttle, if city driving isn’t for you.

You all know that I often use my AAA membership to get the best travel deals. It just so happens that Best Western is one of AAA’s partners and has an amazing deal going on right now:

Stay 2 Nights, Get a Free Night on for Your Next Stay. This promotion is going on now until November 17, 2019.

I’m so excited about this! All you need to do it be a Best Western Rewards member (which is free and takes about 40 seconds to sign up for) and book and stay within the promo time-frame. The free offer is also in addition to the up to 15% we save on our room rate at Best Western because we are AAA members.

Quick, inexpensive, and totally booked.

The best part of the promo, for me, is that after our visit to NYC, I’ll be emailed a voucher for a free night the next time we stay at a Best Western. You know what that means…another trip. YAY.

I shouldn’t get too carried away. One trip at a time, Melissa.

Now that the hotel room is reserved, what is there to do that is family-friendly, inexpensive, and full of fall fun?

Central Park!

I know it’s a little early to see the leaves this remarkably colored, but you still have time!! Could you imagine your family in this picture? Aaah, I can. Maybe I’ll have to use my free night in New York again!

The Mall in Central Park

Normally when we head to New York, we try to see a show, but with this last minute trip, I didn’t think it would be in the budget. Then I found out that AAA has a deal with Ticket Monster. AAA members can save $$$ on sporting events, concerts–and Broadway shows! You can click on to check it out whenever you want to score cheaper tickets!

I checked out what Ticket Monster had available for the weekend and found an amazing deal to bike through central park in the morning, and very affordable Broadway tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night!! I can’t wait!

Time to pack our bags. Next stop, New Jersey. As always, I’ll share all the fun, steals and deals, so stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Life Is Short. Take the Trip.

  1. That is great to know about ticket monster! I’ve been an AAA Plus member for years and never knew they had discounted theatre tickets!!!


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