Make a Wish…

My son has a terrible nut allergy, so often times, we are unable to have a birthday cake made for him at a bakery. I have always made something work, but for his 13th birthday, he wanted something special. He wished for a true, allergy-friendly cake.

Your wish is my command.

This cake was easier than I thought and just took a few simple items. This specific cake has $200 on it. $110 in ones, $50 in fives, and $40 in twenties. You can easily make this a lesser amount, using only singles, or rolling the bills not as tight.

Here are the supplies needed:

Once you have all the supplies, unwrap the larger cake form, which will be your base. Here is where you will start pinning the dollars to the form. I folded the dollar bill on a diagonal so that the crease bent right over good ol’ George’s head. I pinned the upper left corner on the top of the cake form, and then again on the lower left corner. I overlapped each bill and repeated the pinning process until it was covered. (see above picture)

*The dollar bills, when lined up with the bottom of the form, will leave an unwrapped section in the middle of the top. Not to worry! The cake forms I provided above are perfect sizes for each other and will cover that spot just perfectly!

Once you are finished layering, set aside and start rolling your dollars. Fasten the top and bottom sections with a paper clip. You can roll each bill around a pen as a guide to make the same size rolls, or you can just wing it like I did and roll the bill up on your leg and fasten. #lazy.

Next, you are going to layer the dollar bills starting from the middle of the form, leaving the lower sides of the form open. When pinning your bills down, you may have to bend your bill with a slight fold in the middle and pin there, so it lays flat.

Once you have finished the top layering, take the card-stock you have an cut a strip to fit around the top cake. Make certain the height of the card stock does not rise above your rolled dollar bills. Once that is cut, pin it at the bottom of the top base. This will cover the remaining white area and will be what you start attaching your dollar bills to. I slid the paper clip along the top of the cardstock to hold in place. If you need more dollar bills, roll and attach until there is no more space.

You can now take your mini skewers or toothpicks and place around open area in the middle of the lower cake form. I used six in total. Then place the top layer onto the skewers and press down to secure.

Had this been for one of my daughters, I would have tied a ribbon around the middle of the rolled dollar bills and/or added some kind of colorful bow on top…maybe with money rolled up within it. I’d love a little bit of color on this cake. But because it was for my 13 year old son, I just made a simple money bow, which I think he would appreciate more.

All in all this probably took two hours, and my son loved it. I wish I would have taken pictures during the process, but I didn’t think I’d have so many requests on how to make one. I may try another spin on a money cake for my older sons birthday in December, so I’ll be sure to take photos then.

Happy Birthday Will

In the meantime, let me know if you make it. Would love to see your version.




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