Golden is the new Orange and Black.

It’s October and that means the beginning of the holiday season. Each month brings a new holiday, for the next three months, ending with my most favorite time of all!

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk Halloween. I’m not sure how many of you are like me, but I typically hate cooking meals, except on Halloween!! Every year I try to gross my kids out with some disgustingly delicious meal. Many people have asked me over the years, (besides “what is wrong with you”), “what are you making this time around”? Well, I’m still working on this years meal plan, but here are some past favorites…if you make them, tag me so I can see!

Severed fingers are an easy and gross looking meal. Simply make some slits with a sharp knife, on an uncooked, defrosted hot dog. Next, slice a thin piece off the top of one end of the hot dogs, to look like a nail. Boil and Voila! They are equally gross to look at while boiling in a pot. Witches brew, anyone? Take out of water with tongs and place in a roll, and add ketchup to the bottom. Serve and enjoy the screeches.

Feet-loaf is a house favorite. I’ve also made a skeleton skull. Just depends how you want to shape your “loaf”. Recipe below.

Favorite meatloaf recipe and shape into a foot on a lined pan. Cut Vidalia onions to make toe-nails
Here’s an example

We made pizza skulls one year. They were fun to eat! I didn’t cook long enough, so make sure to pay attention to how dark it’s supposed to look and not light like mine. Link to the pan, and a recipe found below.


It’s not always about the meal, but of course, the treats. One of my grossest treats to-date: the dirty Q-tip. It is SO simple and SO gross. Take a lollipop stick and cut into thirds. Take one stick and put a mini marshmallow on each end, then dip both marshmallows into caramel. Easy and major EW. I was shocked they got eaten.

Witches hat cookies, witches shortbread fingers, dracula fang donuts, meringue cookie bones, skeleton grave brownies…options are endless. If you need a recipe, message me and I’ll get one to you.

I’ll be sharing our dinner and decor for 2019 shortly, so stay tuned to for all the pictures and DIYs.

In the meantime I want to thank everyone who has been following and sharing my blog on Facebook and Instagram pages. I appreciate you.

In the spirit of Halloween, thank you for being a friend….


Melissa aka “Rose”

(And yes, don’t you wish your husband was hot like Bea….) Thanks Dave! Thanks girls. The boys wanted zero part in this, but I love them anyway and there’s always our Christmas card… xoxo

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