Gucci, Gucci Goo!

How I can have another baby about to enter the teen years? No more “Gucci, Gucci Goo’s” coming from the family room. Now it’s the sounds of ESPN, Fortnite games, and YouTube videos. How did he grow up so fast? My middle child. My drives-me-crazy child. He is growing into such a caring, young-man, who charms people with his charisma, and melts hearts with his loving ways. He captures everyone’s attention with his big blue eyes and his devilish grin. That, or with his loud mouth that spews sarcasm and leaves me secretly giggling…sometimes.

My sons taste for luxury items developed at the ripe old-age of ten. Christmas lists for me at that age consisted of Cabbage Patch kids and Barbie accessories….I believe I pushed the envelope that year asking for a Swatch Watch phone. Then there is my son:

Before you think he’s spoiled or greedy, I can tell you he is not. What he is, as he explained to me, is an options-giver. He said he may not get anything from the list, but if there’s a chance, he wanted to put it out there. “I don’t expect it, but if I don’t ask, I will never know if I could have gotten it.” Smart kid.

With his thirteenth birthday approaching, it was no surprise that he chose a small family dinner, with a cash gift, and a trip to King of Prussia Mall. Because he is often restricted at parties due to his tree nut allergy, I wanted to incorporate his favorite foods into dinner. I wanted to keep the look luxurious to fit his style, but keep the costs down, which is more my style. I finally decided on a “Favorite Things” party where we could showcase all of his favorite things, whether it be through food, drink or decor.

If you read my Blue Box party blog awhile back, you may remember I gave directions on how to make the rose centerpieces. I put a different spin on this one, to make it a little more manly and reflect the age. It was the perfect addition to the table, which was decorated with colors to give it a Gucci-vibe.

Potato Chip Bags themed for the event. I made these in Photoshop on printer paper and glued the back and edges and crimped them to complete the look.

I ordered awesome cupcake toppers from Pretty Party Details on Etsy. She does ah-mazing work and is so darn sweet. You can find her items here:

I decided not to use the toppers for cupcakes but instead for candy apple embellishments and toppers for chocolate covered Oreo’s. They were a HUGE hit!! Well, the Oreo’s were. I made the apples too early and they started to “melt” as you can see below. I made them two days before the party and they didn’t make it. So my tip for you is: make the night before!

To make the chocolate covered Oreo’s, I used this mold and it was seriously the EASIEST thing ever!

Melt some chocolate (I used hersheys kisses with a touch of canola oil and put in the microwave). Take a teaspoon and drop some chocolate into the mold. Place regular (not double stuff or thins) Oreo in the mold, top with another teaspoon of chocolate. I pick the mold up and tap it afterwards to get any bubbles out. Repeat the process and place in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. Then they pop right out and start again to make more. Super easy and really, really tasty!

Of course we served his favorite foods: Popeye’s Chicken,Grand-moms ribs, Wings To Go, Wawa Hoagies. All easy-to-grab, finger-foods, but the plates had to be just right to complete a nicer look. And be disposable because who wants to wash a ton of dishes after a party?!

We had a dessert/snack table filled with his favorites and decorated with a sports vibe. While he is fancy, he is also very athletic and a huge fan of all-things-sports! (And notice in the pic above that my donut wall DIY is still being displayed, although this time I made Auntie Anne’s pretzels from a mix and placed on the pegs. Ta-da! ( )

It was such a fun day with our family and Will really appreciated everyone making a fuss over him. I must say I do enjoy going all out because he gets a kick out of it and loves it so much..not like the other teen in my house. Sigh on that guy.

Well, I’m off to bed because tomorrow I’m gearing up for the upcoming “Back to School Breakfast” blog. (Yippee!)

Gucci, Gucci, Goo..d night.



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