K, Bye.

I love my kids. I love to have them home with me. But I also love the end of summer when the school excitement hits the air. The schedules, the class lists, the pretty supplies, the new clothes…the time I will soon have to myself. Oops, did I write that?

This year, I will have three kids in middle school and one in high school. Teenage years are upon us and things are so very different from the elementary years. I used to love having big “Back to School” celebrations…well, I should say my kids loved having them. Now it’s just me. But that’s for another post.

To get ready for “Back to School” lunches, I’m like every mom at the end of summer who tries to overachieve, until mid year when we are starting to get tired, and finally the end-of-year mom comes out and the kids get sent to school with a half-rotten banana, a granola bar found at the bottom of a backpack and a snicker bar from my secret stash. My kids used to beg for Uncrustables…not because there wasn’t a crust, but because they are super lazy and like grab and go items to throw into their lunch bags. So, I started to make these in bulk at the end of the summer. Of course each of my kids like a different flavor of jelly, so I mark the Ziploc with a P (peach), R (raspberry) or G (grape). Nutella and Peanut Butter are stored separately in our garage freezer because of my sons tree nut allergies. They are also made after the jelly sandwiches are finished. The sandwiches work out great, and freeze nicely. The kids take them out in the morning, throw in their bag and by lunch time, they are defrosted and ready to eat! It also helps keep their water cooler than room temp. I make four loaves at a time, which does not last as long as you would think, but it definitely helps and is something I can keep up with throughout the year. Yes, my teenagers still eat like toddlers.

If your kids are involved with sports or activities like mine are, they most likely will be at school from 7:30am until about 5pm. That’s a long day and they may need some “emergency” rations. I made a “lock-box” to be kept in their locker. Extra pens, pencils, breath mints, and a quick snack…for moms that used to write notes to their kids in their lunch boxes, a nice way to discreetly write older kids something sweet is to put on these rice -krispie treat wrappers that have a space just for that! For moms of tween/teen girls, this is also a great place to hide extra feminine products. I don’t have to deal with this yet, but I am prepared, as pictured below.

Each box is filled with $5 worth of items. Easy simple and something they can store in their locker should they need something extra during the day.

I hope you and your children have a wonderful school year! Can’t wait to see pics… this was one of my favorites of us!

I’ll see all of my fellow 19335 mom’s at the Starbucks in Target on August 26th!!!



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