Breakfast at Tiffany’s Take Two; Teen Themed.

A centerpiece is arguably the most important part of a tablescape, especially if you’re like me, going for a glam look on a paper- plate party budget. The rose ball centerpiece was really easy to achieve and made our party look posh and sophisticated for both the ladies brunch and for the tween party.

As promised in my last blog, featuring a mom style Tiffany’s themed brunch (found here:, today we will share the toned-down teen version my girls were requesting. But first darling… DIY CENTERPIECES.

To make the rose centerpiece, you will need:

Now you’re set to begin. In two of the fish bowls place six roses…five around the bowl, facing out, and one in the middle, facing up. They fit securely when placed together so no need for glue, but it can be used for extra security if need be. In the other two bowls, fill the diamond scatter half way. When all bowls have their items inside, take the hot glue gun and carefully run it around the top edge of the fish bowl. Immediately stack another bowl on top and make certain it is set on straight. You have a limited time to fix while glue is still hot. Repeat with each bowl until all four are stacked. Set aside to dry.

While those are drying, it’s time to work on the rose ball. I hot glued the back of each rose head to the foam ball. (They will arrive on stems…it’s extremely easy just to twist them right off so only the head remains). Make sure you place the roses close together to avoid any gaps, which would allow you to see the white foam. Once you have covered the entire ball, you can place glue along the top fish bowl lid and place the rose ball on top. Set aside and let dry. After about an hour, carefully pin the crystal dangles into the foam. This part isn’t a particular process, just place where you’d like to see them dangle. For a bit of extra glam, you can glue ribbon or rhinestone strips around each bowl for some extra pizzazz. And I am all about being extra!

I’m excited to make more! Speaking of more, I have a dinner party coming up in August and I’m planning on making a white version. My daughters room is a Robins Egg color, so this beauty will be spending its days up there now. It’s too pretty to put in a closet, but also hard to use for a ton of different themes. The next one will be for my sons 13th birthday dinner and instead of diamond and roses in the base part, I’m thinking more along the lines of small wooden numbers stacked (1 & 3) in a glass vase with the ball on top of that. But that’s for another post- I’ll certainly share what I come up with. Basically it’s a very versatile, yet stunning centerpiece that anyone can easily make.

Next up is the Tiffany’s Box. I placed this on my dessert table for the brunch, but used as a teen centerpiece because I wanted to display the birthday numbers in the center of the table too.

For this, I used some leftover blue flowers, as well as ordered white flowers (since I’m making the white rose ball for August). Amazon does sell smaller packs of flowers, which I have linked below for this box alone.

  • What you need:
  • 25 pack White foam flowers
  • 3 pack of Nesting Boxes (I made one centerpiece and smaller double box, shown later)
  • Pearl roping- AC Moore
  • Rhinestone- extras from rose ball centerpiece- bought at Dollar Tree
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

To achieve this look, I used the largest nesting box out of the set of three. Thankfully it comes with directions, but once I read, it was easy to put together. The box set did come with a ribbon, but it wasn’t a solid ribbon like you’d find on a Tiffany’s box so I used the extra rhinestone strips from the rose ball centerpiece and cut them to fit inside the ribbon. Next take your white roses and hot glue gun and place all along the inside border of the box. After they are dry, start to glue the blue roses to the white ones. Because they are foam, the hot glue adheres very well to each other. After you achieve the look you want, cut the pearl roping to the lengths desired and glue them to the inner flowers. Afterwards, lightly glue the edge of the lid and set on top of the roses. Let dry for a few hours and voila. A beautiful centerpiece for a teen Tiffany’s party.

So let’s talk about this tween party. After my brunch, my daughters took me aside and relayed that it was cute but waaaaay too formal for them. So we decided to add some edge to the theme via Arianna Grande’s “7 Rings” song lyrics:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Bottles of Bubbles

Girls with Tattoos that like getting in trouble.

Lashes and Diamonds, ATM machines,

Buy myself all of my favorite things.

Materialistic, much Ari? Maybe, but it definitely brought the theme to a 2019 tween level.

For starters, the Dollar tree has the cutest sparkling grape juices in little bottles. Whipped out my Microsoft Word (yes, I’m aware of Photoshop and other more modern programs, but I stick with what I know for the most part). Anyhoo, a little free clip art and voila. Bottles of bubbles, teen style.

Next up was the tattoos for the girls who (do not) like to get in trouble..yep, I’m turning more into my mom each day. These awesome tattoos were not your average little girl tattoos. These were cute metallic tats with shimmery designs. They went on really easily and the girls, mine especially, love how they glisten in the sunlight. You can find them here: While some were doing that, others tried the hair extensions table. Yes, blue extensions, for a bit of Tiffany’s but more like Arianna’s. As she sings, “You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.”

Hair Extensions:

I love to place favors at each place setting. I found adorable lip glosses shaped in white sparkly diamonds at the Dollar tree store and placed them inside faux Tiffany boxes. I found the boxes on amazon and then personalized with my Cricut. You can find the favor boxes here :

To symbolize the ATM machines from the song, I bought 100 Grand bars and put on the dessert table. The girls loved them…and I may have eaten a few hundred grand, myself. I forgot how good these were. Gah, how I wish their birthday wasn’t during prime swimsuit season.

But let’s not talk about swimsuits…let’s keep the focus on the food. For our menu, we again kept it simple. The twins liked the idea of bagels and chicken salad, butter and cream cheeses. A Chick Fil-a nugget platter, waffles, chocolate chip muffins and yogurt parfaits topped their list. For the dessert table we had a fruit platter, chocolate mousse hot fudge mini pies, cupcakes, candy apples and cookies. A few more sweets than the ladies brunch, but best to eat it all now while their metabolism is still working like a charm. Besides that, I truly feel that a dessert station is what really pulls a theme together. I ordered adorable cupcake toppers on Etsy and then cookies made with Arianna Grande’s lyrics. Thank you, Next.

Next on the menu? That would be the candy apples my daughter and I made. It’s a process but pretty simple and quite a show stopper on the dessert table. They may be my new favorite items to display. Adding flavor to them and some adorable sticks just adds the right pizzazz. They are pretty yummy too, although I highly suggest cutting them as you eat them. Much less mess. Would you like to learn how? I think a tutorial is in order. I need more practice anyway, so stay tuned for more on this!

The party was a hit, and the girls loved it all. It wasn’t stuffy or boring as they initially worried. It got major eye roll-age from my teenage son, so I knew it was as perfect as I could get.

I would love to hear if you make up one of the centerpieces. I think they’d be utterly fabulous at your event.

Good evening, darlings.



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