Throwing Parties out of the Blue….box.

Being a mom to four children has its challenges, but also has its perks. Like when it comes to throwing birthday parties…there are a lot!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking a theme and running with it each year for their party. Sadly, as my boys have gotten older, they have begun to poo-poo the idea of this. My oldest stopped having me throw any type of party for him at all. Not even “hangouts”. He would only ask to have friends over if I promised to be “normal” and just leave a few bags of chips and cookies out on the counter. And he meant “bags” as in, not even put into bowls. (Insert dagger into my heart).

We did come to an agreement that I’d tone it down, but I would not budge on the chips …they had to go in bowls. I’m not a lunatic, for goodness sake.

Fast forward to this spring when I began talking with my daughters about trying to get reservations to the Blue Box Cafe over the summer. I’m originally from Long Island and know many New Yorkers tend to escape to the Hamptons or Jersey shore, so as long as you can deal with the summer heat, it’s a great time to get into the city without the hustle and bustle. The more we talked about all things Tiffany’s, the more I started thinking about how much fun a themed birthday party could be. They were excited and the little theme wheels that live inside my brain started turning. First up would be a “Breakfast at Tiffanys” movie night. While the girls were loving the popcorn and cracker jacks, they called the movie, gasp, boring. I already had the party planned in my head so I couldn’t lose them now. How could I merge a classic movie and the beautiful Tiffany blue color decor, and make it all a bit more teen themed? Better yet, I wanted in. How could I theme a brunch for MY girlfriends and then reuse and recycle the idea and decor and tone it down to a girls brunch for the tweens?! PARTY PLANNING CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

After I set the date, I started working on the invitations. I’m an old-fashioned girl who LOVES a hard copy invite. Am I the only one here who still feels that way? #sorrynotsorry

I created an invitation in Microsoft Word, just by using different fonts and some free clip art. Initially I thought I would print out on white paper, but duh, so much ink would be used, so definitely easier, and cheaper, to purchase colored card stock and print on that. Thankfully, on one of my weekly trips to wander aimlessly through Hobby Lobby, I found a package of 50 Robins Egg colored cardstock papers plus with envelopes for $6 total. Score! I delivered the invitations personally as I felt each envelope should be tied up in white tulle. It’s all in the details, people.

When planning a party, I *always* begin with the dessert table. The first area I start working on is the backdrop. Amazon has some really great finds, for much less than you’d pay for at a party store. The one I bought is 5×7′, however my ceilings are nine feet so I needed to fill the top area of the backdrop with balloon garland. Homemade garlands are a great option if your budget doesn’t allow for a professional to make one. It’s not super hard either- I even had the help of one of my kids. I was happy with the result and my girls were too!

Tiffany 5×7 backdrop
You can YouTube videos on how to make garland, but the short of the story is we took a 3″ ribbon and tied curling ribbon onto each balloon and then tied each balloon to the larger ribbon.

Brunch day arrived. My guests arrived looking lovely in black, keeping with the classic Audrey Hepburn style of the morning. I love that they all go along with my crazy themes! It was a gorgeous day so after gifting them with a fun black hat to wear, we put on our sunglasses and went to sit and have some champagne in the sunshine. You can find the hats here:

Photo credit: Five Hands Photography with Becky Hand

We went back inside to a delightful brunch. My girlfriend is an amazing chef and caters parties on the side through her company, White Glove Catering. We were all in heaven eating her exquisite quiches and cucumber tea sandwiches. I kept it simple with a parfait bar, bagels with chicken salad, egg salad, and cream cheeses, along with muffins, strawberry caprese pasta salad and chicken and waffles accompanied by an easily made bourbon maple syrup.

Photo Credit by Five Hands Photography with Becky Hand
Quiches and Sandwiches courtesy of White Glove Catering

Dessert included chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate mousse cups with fresh raspberries. Champagne (LaMarca Prosecco because the label matched perfectly) was served along with blueberries throughout the morning. It was delightful.

Photo courtesy of Five Hands Photography with Becky Hand

It was a beautiful morning filled with laughter, clinking glasses and full stomachs. Mission successful. Next up, coming this weekend, you will hear all about the Tiffany teen version of brunch. This was based on Arianna Grande’s “7 Rings” song lyrics and after rearranging the decor a bit, the girls thought it was perfect. Speaking of decor, I will also be sharing how I made the centerpieces below.

See you back this weekend for part two, darlings.



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