9021-Oh my goodness!

Picture this…October 4, 1990. Massapequa, New York, shortly before 9:00 in the evening. I had just taken off my vest and bodysuit, un-pegged my jeans and jumped into a t-shirt that could fit Andre-the-Giant and a pair of Skidz. I proceeded to throw my freshly permed curls into a scrunchy and scrubbed some Noxzema on my face, letting it sit there until the tingle went away . I’d like to say I plucked my caterpillar eyebrows, but in the early 90’s, it was anything goes…basically because I didn’t know any better. Fresh faced and ready to go, I ran down the stairs to the living room and stood by the TV, patiently waiting for ” A Different World” to end (I hated having to get up again to change the channel).

At 9pm, Beverly Hills, 90210 started. After that first episode, I knew Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David and Steve would be in my life a lot longer. Honestly, I didn’t realize just how long, but I knew at that moment I was going to have my dad buy more VHS tapes so I wouldn’t miss a single Thursday night show. I mean, hellooooooo….

Fast forward to 2019. My hair has been straight for over 20 years until recently when I began using Conair rollers to curl it on special occasions. I’ve also begun to let my over-threaded eyebrows grow in thicker and my daughters beg for more scrunchies on the daily. I’ve seen body suits on hangers in stores recently as well, so was I surprised to hear BH90210 was making a comeback?! No, but I’m hella excited, that’s for sure.

I have to say it’s going to hurt to see the cast together without Dylan McKay. The first McDreamy. What a shame we lost him this year. It will be so different but I am looking forward to seeing how they honor him. I’m sure he and Mr. Sanders (Jed Allan) will be watching front and center from above.

For me, I am thinking of bringing my soon-to-be twelve year old twins up to speed on all things 90210. That way come August 7th, they will be able to watch this reboot with me. I’m already thinking of how we can theme the food. My first thought is to bring the Peach Pit into play. I’m thinking burgers, shakes and some peach pie served in some retro baskets. I’m also thinking about making a Donna Martini for moi, and because we all know Donna was a good girl up until Season 7 , I will make Virgin Donna Daquiri’s for the girls.

Dinner served in these….

This night may be even more epic than Donna Martin graduating. Donna, Donna, Donna!

Time to practice my pegging and get ready to throw the rollers in, ’cause this is DEFINITELY a special occasion.

I’ll be testing out recipes in the kitchen soon and thinking up easy food ideas themed to our favorite teen heartthrobs. Anything you’d like to see on our “9021-Oh my gosh they’re back” menu?!



2 thoughts on “9021-Oh my goodness!

  1. Im with you, Luke Perrys loss will leave a big hole in the show. His passing is so so sad. I love your creativity and spin on all things festive! Go YOU!


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