A Rehash on How to Save Cash on Vacation

Thank you, all, so much for following my family and me on our Spring Break trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I’ve gotten your messages and comments on both the blog and Facebook, and I am thrilled to hear from so many of you!! Recommendations, to me, are worth their weight in gold. I love sharing the good, bad and ugly of our trip to help ensure that yours is filled with as many fun, family memories as possible!

It’s also been a privilege to have AAA join us on this adventure. If you’re anything like me, I normally need to be talked into doing some things (case in point- did you read my last blog about the Wild Eagle roller coaster?!). Let’s just say sometimes I get talked into things I probably should avoid, but what I’ve learned from this trip is that although I didn’t think I needed AAA, it was SO worth having a membership. Thanks to Adrienne and Nicole for talking to me about becoming a member because in just ONE WEEK, I saved more money than the cost of my membership. It is NOT just for hotels and roadside assistance (although that’s helpful too…just ask my friend Gretchen who signed up for AAA the same day that her car decided to break down in the Chick fil-a drive-thru line…20 minutes later, AAA arrived and towed her car to the Toyota dealer). That my friends, is winning.

Remember! You too, for a limited time, can get a discount on joining AAA through my link http://midatlantic.aaa.com/Membership/group-offer?promo=DEWN . I implore you to take a peek. You may be VERY surprised to find that things you have been spending your hard-earned money on could have been bought for a discount through AAA. I am still kicking myself with paying full price for the Ripley’s Aquarium last year in Tennessee. Saving on tickets for six people could have paid for my family’s ice cream excursion for that day…and I am very serious about saving on ice cream. It doesn’t have as many calories that way. (Sometimes, I choose to believe in things that I know aren’t real….like unicorns and free non-fat, no-calorie ice cream).

And don’t forget the Shell discount. While there aren’t a ton of Shell stations around my neck of the woods, do you know how many we passed on our way down to Tennessee? They were at almost every stop and all throughout Pigeon Forge. Because I was already signed up in the fuel rewards program, every time my husband entered my phone number at the pump (which is my Fuel Rewards membership number) we automatically got the discount. You can say, “Oh it’s only 5 cents a gallon,” but that adds up over time! It’s like getting free coupons to use at the grocery checkout, but crumpling them up because it’s not a lot of savings at that moment. Change adds up, people!!!

I’m with Shell.

Now for tickets. You can find a lot of things available at a discount on AAA’s website, but some you cannot. That does not mean that you can’t get a savings. Four out of the five places I asked, honored the AAA discount, as long as I showed them my membership card. My friend hadn’t even received hers in the mail yet, but she did have her membership number that was emailed to her after her purchase, and they honored that as well. But, should you go somewhere that does not have a AAA relationship, there are also coupon books!! In almost every grocery store in Pigeon Forge, plus many of the attraction areas and rides themselves, you can find stands filled with coupon books for you to grab and peruse. Often there is information about new things happening in town as well.

Pigeon Forge is blowing up, y’all. When we first went there in 2015, it was not nearly as crowded, but there also wasn’t as much to do. I say crowded, relatively speaking. There is a ton to do, which is why we keep going back, but each time we visit, there’s even more to do, along with more people!! It’s not as crowded as say, Disney World, and while it is smaller, it’s also cheaper, and, dare I say, more family friendly? Don’t get me wrong. I love the Mouse’s House- we are heading there in January- but boy, Disney World is so much more crowded than Pigeon Forge and it’s missing the small-town family feel. So, anyway, you can grab some of these coupon books and find out what’s going on in town, as well as use coupons to check it all out. But, remember to always ask if they take AAA. Sometimes that discount will be worth more than the coupon in the book!!

Coupons for days…

On our travels home last Sunday, we were passing the Shenandoah Valley, as we normally do. It’s so beautiful along that Interstate, which is a highly unusual thing to say about an Interstate, but the scenery is just gorgeous. My husband and I started talking about changing things up for next year’s Spring Break (I’m a planner by nature…my husband has learned to just go with it). It was raining and my husband was driving, so I had just begun to research what there was to do within the Virginia Mountains when he told me to look up. My eyes locked in on a gorgeous rainbow in the middle of the storm clouds… the first of four rainbows we would encounter along the Interstate with the Shenandoah Valley in the background.

It was a sign. 2020 Spring Break HAS to be there…so I hope you join us again! But don’t fret! There will be many more Decor-eating on-the-road adventures, recommendations and cost savings in between! And as requested by many of you AND my children, we are going to find more animal fun along the way, too!!!

If you want to see us all doing Goat Yoga in a couple weeks, make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss our trip back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania!!! Until next time…



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