Road Trip Challenge

Funny thing about life is that when you think you know just what you’re doing, little things pop up along the way and you realize there is so much more for you to learn. Even at my age (which is 29 and holding), I thought I was pretty good at saving money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I shop a lot. We’re a family of 6 and my kids are eating like they haven’t in years and growing like no ones business, but, I always make sure to try and get a cost savings of some sort when making purchases.

Ebates, Cartwheel, coupons, sales…I check it all out before I shop. I once frantically called my husband and could barely get the words out that I had reduced my gas price to $0.01 a gallon because I racked up so many gas rewards at the grocery store. (Yes, I may have had 12 boxes of white rice in my cabinet, but 1 cent a gallon, people!). Getting good deals in general makes me giddy; like I’ve had a few too many 24oz cups of coffee. So imagine my surprise when I found out I was missing out on a ton of deals. Here’s how it all went down…

My husband and I recently started planning our families third annual Spring Break trip to Pigeon Forge, TN. We adore it there. We drive down and rent a house and simply enjoy the Smokey Mountains and all that it has to offer. This year, we are bringing friends along with us, making our total 4 adults and 6 tween/teens. Outnumbered as always! Thankfully there is so much to do down there, even the moodiest of kids will think it’s fun.

Planning Central

Photo by Blair Caldwell

I got to searching for some new adventures we could experience and while there are a lot offered, this trip (like most) was getting expensive. Because we are all driving down, I wanted to make sure that we had roadside assistance covered- just in case. I have Cadillac’s Roadside assistance plan with my car, but what are the chances there is a dealership close by to some of the rural areas we drive through?? Not chancing that, so calling AAA was first on my list of “to-dos”. When speaking to one of their employees, I was asked if I used Sprint for our phone service. Interesting question but as it turns out, yes, that’s the provider my kids have for their phones. They were having such a great deal on the iphone X last summer, and were cheaper than the company my husbands business uses, so we went with them. And guess what?! By being a Sprint customer, we get a AAA membership for FREE!!! Did you know that?! With a quick request to change to the AAA rate on our Sprint account, my husband and I had free membership cards sent to us (and our phone bill did not change a bit). AAA rates vary by location, but for us, we saved $72 per primary classic membership! That got me thinking. What other deals do I not know about?

Thanks #sprint for the AAA membership!


Who else is excited?!

Because I love a challenge and because so many large families find it more economical to road trip, I am going to find as many “secret cost savings” along the way as possible. Of course they really aren’t secret, but maybe just not as well known as other deals. Like this free AAA membership…. I mean, I knew they offered hotel deals and roadside assistance, but there are so many more layers now that I’m looking into them.

So challenge time!

How many deals can we find on our road trip? How much money can we save? Time to do some research and I partnered up with AAA to help me figure it all out.

Keep on following the blog series to find out how we do…there’s so much more to come. #roadtrippinwithMelissaAAA



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