Amaz(on)ing Vacation

My husband and I took a vacation. Sans kids. Typically we prefer to do things as a family, but realize (not often enough) that we need our own time away too. So off to Jamaica we went. It was a family vacation of sorts as we went with my cousins and their spouses. 12 adults at an all inclusive resort…nothing to do but eat, drink and be merry. DONE.

Because we were going to another country and I had no kids to “embarrass”, I decided to get a new vacation wardrobe. However, it needed to be budget friendly because our spring break family trip was 3 weeks after this one. I decided to check out amazon of all places. I ordered a ton, and not everything fit, but for the most part, I was happily surprised. After posting pictures on my Facebook page, I had quite a few messages about where I got my outfits. Including this bad boy below.

My favorite jumper…$20.99. Yes. It runs true to size if not a little big. The top is elastic. But it’s super comfortable!

We checked into our hotel and were greeted with champagne. Not a bad way to start vacation! I had my trusty sun hat with me, also purchased off of amazon and helped keep my face from burning. Sadly, the rest of my body (arms and legs) got fried…even with reapplying SPF 50. Thankful for my hat. I do not need anymore wrinkles!!!

Enough about the hat…we took a snorkeling trip/booze cruise that stopped at Margaritaville, where I had the MOST amazingly fattening and utterly fantastic drink ever. It’s called “Put the Lime in da coconut”. Holy goodness. Pieces of lime peel were blended up in it…It was delightful. I gained 16lbs after consuming, but I would do it all over again. (And yes the picture was post snorkel). We had a blast. If you’re in Jamaica, ask your resort if they contract with Island Routes…it was a good time dancing and watching the entertainment on the boat. I thought the coolest part was when the captain told us to look out the right side and there were dolphins racing us. That was an amazing sight… but the next day got even more up close with these lovely creatures….

The excursion I’m about to tell you about was the FAVORITE part of the trip and I HIGHLY recommend. We all went to Dolphin Cove to swim with these beautiful animals. We got picked up at the resort in the cushiest and most comfortable tour bus for a 45 minute trip. We had a lovely tour guide who told us all about the areas where we were passing as well as Jamaican culture. Before we knew it, we were pulling into Dolphin Cove. It was then that we met our trainer, Stephen. He was AWESOME. He introduced us to our new friends, Macaroni and Cheese. I loved them immediately. We got to touch their teeth, give them high fives, hug, kiss, dance, swim and just all play around with them. Such an awesome experience!! In my next life I’m going to be a dolphin trainer.

Did I mention there were camels there too? This one wanted a kiss like the dolphins, but I was smooched out.

We got to get a foot massage by some sting rays which was creepy, but everyone seemed to enjoy. I wasn’t sold on it.

Before getting back on the bus, we had some fresh coconuts split open for us. The coconut water inside was fantastic. So good!!!

On our way home after spending 2 hours with the dolphins and friends, our tour guide stopped in town to some cheaper tourist spots to buy souvenirs. Upon walking in, we were offered Jamaica’s Royal Striped beer. I’m not typically a beer drinker, but those were refreshing and super fun to sip and shop. (And smart…on my second beer, I decided we needed a lot more Jamaican themed gear).

The rest of the trip we spent relaxing on the beach and in the pool, in close perimeter to the pool bar. All inclusives are great, but sometimes I wonder if they are really worth it. We felt like we had to eat and drink all day. I’m going to price out our next adults only trip and see about just going old school and doing the hotel route. I’d love to do more excursions and be less of a gluttonous piggy, so maybe ala carte is the way to go. My waistline certainly does not need me to eat and drink all day.

How do you normally travel?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I didn’t get any pictures of me hanging in my bathing suits, but I have to say they were comfortable and I will be wearing all summer. Take a peek if you need any inspiration. These were all amazon with free shipping and returns.

Those are some of my favorites from the trip…if you want to see more, let me know! Happy to help!!!



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