Brow Chicka Wow Wow

Eyebrows. I’ve honestly never given too much thought about them. I had a thick pair back in the early 90’s thanks to my mom never telling me people plucked, waxed or sculpted them. It wasn’t until I went on Spring Break my sophomore year in COLLEGE, that I met a girl who changed my brow game. Go figure. Palm Springs, California. She knew what was up. She plucked for what seemed like hours. My eyes teared, I sneezed…what on earth was this torture!? But when she was done, I had pencil thin eyebrows with coolly sculpted arches. They changed my whole look.

Oh there’s maintenance? Well, I’m not one to sculpt well at all, so over the course of time that I did pay attention to the brows, I’ve had to get them waxed or threaded. Which was working fine…until last year. It was then that I first started to notice that my brows were getting thinner and had more of a rainbow type arch rather than the ones I initially had back in Cali. Plus, one seemed higher than the other. My eyes are a point of contention to begin with. They are getting puffy and wrinkly underneath with some killer bags, and although I am so not against Botox and fillers, I haven’t gone there….yet.

So where to start? Well, the answer my friends, is the Brow Bar in West Chester, PA. I made myself a new client appointment and anxiously awaited my transformation. I let these bad boys grow in for 5 weeks, which seemed like forever after my usual 2 week growth period. It was a sight, lemme tell you! I arrived at my new favorite “bar”, and sat down. Tara, walked over to me. Ok, this girl. She is sporting a unibrow AND it is beyond adorable on her!! I would have never thought that, but she makes it work perfectly. It’s so cute, I literally contemplated it for a second, but we ALL know there is no way I could ever pull that off. Anyway, she gets to marking my face. YES. They mark your face shape and that is what shows you what your arch should be. There is a method. Of course there is. Gosh, why am I such a late bloomer?!

Tara starts plucking away. We talked brow tint but I couldn’t do it…my eyebrows are dark to begin with. Baby steps. She did also tell me that my left eye is not as active as my right, which is why my arch looks different. (Active meaning my muscle tone is lower) A good shot of Botox will actually strengthen that muscle. Who knew?! If only that was covered by insurance! Especially because look at the left eyelid…that’s a crepe-y droopy lid. This is genetic, I know. My grandfather and mom have these lids. And I won the crap gene lotto when it comes to getting each blah gene that my parents had combined. Maybe I’ll ask them for Botox gift card for my birthday. Is that a thing?

After Tara finished, she told me I need more growth on my eyebrows. I’m 2 weeks after my initial appointment in the above photo. If I can go another 3 weeks AND put lash boost on my brows, they will grow in quicker and I’ll see better results next visit. I’m super excited to go back and see how far they have come and what she does with them. I may not easily be able to change my waist size, but I can change my brows! (You’ve heard brows are the only thing you can get in shape without hitting a gym, right?)

Interested in seeing the progress as much as me? (I’ve got a very exciting life as you can tell…)

All you need to do is simply sign up to follow me and my brow journey below ( if reading this via cell) or on the right of the main page (if viewing via laptop).

I don’t get anything in exchange for referring Tara or the Brow bar, but I think it’s a game changer, so I’m sharing with you! Go “BROWse” her site!

Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week….



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