If I could turn back Time…

So today Facebook and Instagram had a worldwide outage. Did you notice? I didn’t at first, at least until I went to check the “Decor-eating with Melissa” message inbox. It showed I had 2 new messages, but would just spin and spin, never to bring up the page. It took me back to the days of waiting for my modem to dial up and connect. I can still hear the noise. And to think we had to use the land line so no one could talk on the phone at the same time as we were dialing up. Aah. The good ol’ days.

It’s ironic that I love and loathe social media. Today there were business opportunities I needed to deal with and messages to respond to… I wanted to ask a question and get a recommendation. All things I use Facebook for in this tech savvy world. And poof, in a minute it was all “gone”. And people didn’t know what to do.

I tried to explain to my kids when they were complaining about having issues with their Instagram (oh, the horror!!), what my childhood was like. Kitchen phones on the wall with the elongated telephone chord (so you could possibly stretch it up the stairs to get a tiny bit of privacy), rotary phones, busy signals…. Then there was having to get up to change the channel on the TV. Recording shows on VCR’s. Video cameras that weighed 27 lbs. Perms. Shoulder Pads. Sam Goody, Tapes. Tape Recorders….the list of incredible and utterly awkward things went on and on. They looked at me in horror and were in awe that I even survived the “Dark Ages” as my son called it.

I had a wonderful youth. I didn’t think I was missing a thing which makes it so amazing to have days like this when I realize how heavily I rely on social media…there is actually a feeling of a huge void when it’s not available at my fingertips. Times, they have a-changed.

Sometimes I wish I could just turn back time and show my kids the days without any access to everything. A simpler, yet amazing time…despite my hair, doc martens and rainbow wallpaper.

Anyway, since there isn’t any mindless scrolling on FB tonight, I’m going to get to bed at a decent hour. Finally. But I kinda hope to see you on Facebook tomorrow.



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