Winning until the Wolves

Sunday was the last day of our “Unplugged Weekend”. We woke up and the kids wanted to get outside and run around the farmhouse one last time. It was definitely a lot chillier, but they didn’t seem to mind since the sun was out and the skies were blue. We ate breakfast and sent them outside while we packed up everything and got ready to leave. It was nice to see the kids choose to be outside because typically on a chilly day like this, they’d opt for Xbox or YouTube videos at home. I snapped a shot of them playing together while we were loading the car…one last reminder of the fun at the farmhouse…something to tide me over until Spring.

We had discussed plans for the day that morning. For those who don’t know, Lancaster can be difficult to play tourist in on Sundays. It’s like being back in the 1980’s, when people actually observed it as a “day of rest”. Typically I’d love that, but I was hoping to fit in one or two more little adventures before we had to head back to reality.

We looked at the pamphlets Katelyn and Matt had in the house, and the hubs was really interested in going to a nearby Wolf Sanctuary for a tour. Sounded neat enough, so off we went. It was more crowded than usual the gal at the entrance said. They started diverting traffic up a side of a mountain. At the top, it was a full on mud pit. The poor traffic controllers were having to help push cars through the mud to their parking destination. Thankfully I have a big truck, so no issues there, but stepping out onto the ground…well, that was another thing. MUD. EVERYWHERE. Super stoked I was wearing my sweater Uggs. “Ugh” was right, indeed! We slid in the mud down to the ticket line, then got into another line that led to the front gates of the sanctuary. It was chilly, our feet were wet and it was 12:20 before the doors opened for the “12 sharp” tour. Aaagh. Not off to the best start, but the closer we got, the better we thought it would get. The lady inside said they were so exciting to look at.

Did you ever hear about the ticket lady who cried wolf?

The tour that we paid for, was a self guided “tour”…and there were TONS of people trying to get a look at the “wolves”. There were employees stationed at each enclosure who promptly informed us that most of these animals were a small percentage of wolf, but more like wolf dogs. Super. $70 to basically take pictures of huskies.

We walked straight up a muddy mountain to another enclosure. Sleeping “wolves”. The next enclosure actually did have a few real wolves, but they were not anywhere near the fence and by then, the kids were over the mud and over the wolf dogs. Which was good because there weren’t anymore to see after that enclosure. Everything was roped off. So, twenty MINUTES after we walked through the gates, we were leaving them. After the first day with the goats and then the next day with the alpacas, this was a huge bust.

This was the flat part of the “tour”. Mushy, slippery mud. Going uphill and downhill was the most WILD part of this wolf sanctuary.

In all fairness, the mud didn’t help. The cold temps didn’t help. Perhaps in the spring/summer season AND if you’re a big wolf fan, then you may love it. It just wasn’t for us.

We left in hopes we could find someplace cool to eat, but again, in the area on a Sunday, nothing we passed was open. This is why I plan, people. But really, no big deal….we started our trek home. We passed a Five Guys about 30 minutes later (back to reality with the chain restaurants) and because the kids no longer could smell the fresh air from the farmhouse, they FINALLY brought up technology. “When we get home, can we play Fortnite?” Sigh.

Unplugged weekend was coming to an end. And I was totally winning…until the wolves.

Mom:2 Technology:1

BUT, the best part? We booked another weekend at the farmhouse! You know I bugged the hubs to get a date on the books stat because I couldn’t let the Amish meet and greet offer go to waste! And, of course, because there is SO much to do in the spring in Lancaster. I want the kids to feed some calves and have more farm animal interactions. Those are always big hits with everyone. If you have recommendations, I would love to hear. Otherwise I’ll do some research and let you know once again the hits (and misses if there are any)!

But….before we go back, we have a family trip planned with friends for Spring Break. Road trippin with SIX teens to Pigeon Forge, TN. Lawd, pray for us.

My family and I go every year but this year I’ve found some neat new things to do that I just know the kids (and adults) are going to LOVE. A lot of you know we adore Pigeon Forge, and I’ve shared quite a few recommendations after each stay, but I cannot wait to share this years with y’all. Yes, I said it. Y’ALL. Planning this trip brings out the country in this Long Island raised gal. I should be eating something southern, but when my friend (and Spring Break travel companion) said let’s grab sushi (at my favorite restaurant) to plan my favorite road trip, I said Sho’ nuff!!

Until next time!



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