Flu over Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you had a great day with your loved ones. Mine was a little different this year as our house got hit with the FLU yesterday. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Strain A and was totally knocked out and looking just awful. I lost a lot of my typical Valentine’s prep day due to the doctor visit and playing nursemaid, but thankfully I had planned a lot well in advance. I was thankful I did because hours after being in Urgent Care, I started to get a headache, feel nauseous and get shaky myself. As a lot of you know, tomorrow starts our “Unplugged Weekend”, so I was trying to figure out if I should cancel our reservation at the farmhouse, or just hope for the best. I decided to give the hosts a heads up that we may have to cancel, and then I set the table for Valentine’s breakfast, just to be on the safe side, and went to bed at 7pm. By 7:30 I was asleep…and didn’t wake until 7:30 this morning! WHOA. That never happens. My daughter woke up around the same time and with more pep in her step after 24 hours on Tamiflu, so things were moving in the right direction. I walked downstairs to say goodbye to my younger kiddos and see what they thought about the Dunkin donuts surprise heart donut treats I had left for them. Well, apparently, my cat tore open the plastic wrap in the middle of the night and ate or sampled almost all of them. MOM FAIL #1.

They were cute before Blakely sampled them.

A few hours later, a text comes from the 8th grader who left for school an hour before I woke up. (Little backstory…he fell last weekend at soccer and has been complaining, daily, about his shoulder. Being one who doesn’t overreact, I tell him to put a heating pad on it… “I’m sure it’s fine.”) Well, he text me from school that it was really hurting a lot today, and oh, he also had a headache. A HEADACHE?! That could be the first sign of the flu! I tell him to hang on, I’m sending dad to get him. Thank goodness it’s Valentine’s Day and my husband never gets me a tangible gift, so I’m like, listen buddy…you owe me. So hubs picks the 8th grader up and takes him to urgent care. I’m texting every 5 minutes whether he was swabbed yet, and did they have results. Very patiently, my husband texts me back , “No, nothing yet…you need help”. Did I mention I’m not one to overreact? Long story semi short, it turned out to be negative. It was just a headache. BUT he mentioned the issue with his shoulder and had xrays taken. Apparently it looks like there’s a tear on his rotator cuff and he’s to be in a splint until we can follow up with an ortho. MOM FAIL #2

Fast forward to dinner. It’s the gift I give myself each year…no cooking! We order a heart shaped pizza from our favorite pizza place (this year we added large fries which are my kids FAVORITE as an “Oops sorry I didn’t take your shoulder injury seriously earlier”) and ate dinner together . The kids were all excited about their candy bouquets I made them and happily snacked on them after dinner. Their overnight bags are packed and we are ready to leave in the morning. It was funny how many texts I got today from the kids (even the one stuck in her bedroom) about whether we were still going to the farmhouse tomorrow or not. Turns out, the possibility of not going, has shown us how much they really ARE looking forward to it!

So at the end of the day, I’m sitting here reflecting on Valentine’s Day 2019. This year I’m happy I can actually say I don’t mind that I got the flu instead of flowers. The day was spent lounging with my daughter who only didn’t feel well for one day. I got 12 hours of much needed sleep. My husband took care of getting the kids to bed and up for school without waking me because he slept downstairs…so my sleep was also not interrupted by snoring! Then it ended with my family all together- no running around tonight. And by together, I mean in the same house. We are not snuggling although I did ask. But no, they are all on their ipads, phones or x-box sucking up the last moments of technology while they can. Because tomorrow morning… It’s UNPLUGGED time!

Stay tuned…and wish me luck!



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