Gearing up for the Farm Life

Well, not really the farm life as there won’t be any cows to milk, or sheep to shave…but we are staying at a modernized farmhouse for our “Unplugged Weekend”. Can I talk about the level of excitement in the house for this trip? It’s palpable. The kids are as eager to do this as they are to chop and eat a jalapeno…and then rub their eyes.

Meanwhile, the husband and I are ready to move to full-time farmhouse living. And after the kids are in college, that’s exactly our plan. We will move out of our development and into a farmhouse style home with lots of land to raise Esmerelda and a few other farm friends. (Esmerelda just seems like the perfect goat name, don’t you think?) My husband and I are not typically on the same page with things, but a farmhouse we actually both agree on. However, there is a slight discrepancy in that. I’m thinking Chip and Joanna Gaines farmhouse living and he’s got us like….

This weekend, I’m excited to try and step out of the box with family fun. I’m hoping to check out an Amish tour and/or Buggy Ride. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this. When we first moved to Pennsylvania, I had a slight obsession with all things Amish. I wanted to know all about their lifestyle. I don’t know why. It was worse than a celebrity sighting. I’ve seen and met celebrities and was a cool cucumber because really, they are just like us. They put their pants on one leg at a time. But not an Amish woman. No ma’am. She has never worn pants. Joggers? Nope. Yoga Pant? No way. I’m sorry, I can’t imagine a life without yoga pants. The whole lifestyle intrigues me. When we used to pass a buggy, I’d make my husband slow down so I could press my face against the glass window in hopes of getting a look at who was inside. I know they hate that but curiosity always got the best of me. For about 2 years anyway. Oops. No pictures were ever taken (unless you count the snapshots in my mind). So. Many. Questions. Do they have birthday parties? That’s a big one that has kept me up at night…perhaps this weekend I will finally get my answer! About 11 years ago, I actually followed an Amish woman around Walmart to see what she was buying. I thought they made everything, but she had a Winnie the Pooh baby bedding in it, so clearly I had so much to learn. To be fair, I didn’t follow her around the whole store, but I definitely stayed longer than needed to catch glimpses. I only ran in to buy some wipes, but an hour and 50 minutes later, I left with $175 worth of stuff and a little more knowledge on what an Amish toddlers room may look like.

I’ll never forget watching Oprah once when she and Gayle stayed with an Amish family. All the cool stuff she’s done and it was this that made me insanely jealous. I wonder if she asked whether they had parties or not.

Wow, even though I just shared a lot about the Amish, I’ve cooled off quite a bit after living here for 14 years. And because I want this trip to be fun for everyone, I may just have to live with the fact that I might not ever get all of the answers to my questions. But I’ll definitely try to sneak a tour in!

Back to the farm…imagine the possibilities on 83 acres?! Of course it could be 83 acres of mud after this upcoming winter snow/ice/rain event, but we can still have fun. I remember back in college playing 2 hand touch football in the rain/mud. It was so much fun. I want to share that kind of fun stuff and make those memories with them. Step out of the box, right? How great would that memory be for them?! “Remember that time when we played football on that farm and mom made that awesome catch and slid into the muddy end zone for a touchdown?” A girl can dream right? And I’m not knocking my abilities. I can catch a ball. But, I am currently typing this with a heating pad across my shoulders from a muscle strain or tear that I most likely got on a date night throwing axes. It’s super cool and hip to do at the moment but if you read my post about the time I thought I was having a heart attack (I wasn’t), this is the pain I’m still dealing with. And I think it’s from that. I swear, I need an Advil after I get out of the shower and bend the wrong way washing my ankles. Getting old ain’t pretty, so playing two hand touch in the mud with my kids may only sound great in my head. But, for the sake of family memories, I will try it! (And map out urgent cares just in case)

Oddly enough, we don’t live very far from Lancaster, but have never fully taken advantage of the downtown area. It looks like there are some really fantastic places to get a bite to eat. I’m really excited to get in as much touristy stuff as possible during the day and then have late afternoon/evenings to play our board games, have our boys vs. girls cook-off, and stump each other with brain teasers. This has the potential to be a great time…but it also could tank. I’m fully aware I go into things with the highest of hopes just to have my kids just crush them in mere moments. But I’ve set a realistic bar this time. I am anticipating the initial whines about the phones staying in jail all weekend, even though they have been warned for weeks now. Hopefully we have enough to do to keep them busy and their minds off of technology. If this works, I will definitely share so that you too can enjoy (or consequently know to steer clear of) an unplugged weekend with teens!

So stay warm and stay tuned to hear all about life on the farm!!



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