Need a little sweetness in my life…

Sugar. Yes please…. Soooo, did you guys see Adam Levine’s halftime show on Sunday night? Can’t get those abs, I mean lyrics, out of my head now. Seriously, I know it was hated by some, loved by others, but in my opinion, it was better than the most boring Super Bowl game ever, and I got to sing along. So there’s that.

Speaking of sugar and abs; the two of them just don’t go together well. So, while the new candy bouquet biz is doing really well and I’m having so much fun creating them, I’m also eating more sugar than I have in years. WAY too much…which means I now WEIGH too much. There is just SO. MUCH. CANDY. I’m hoping I just get sick of it and never want to eat it again. That just hasn’t happened….until I made myself stop. Today.

I’ve decided to once again remove sugar from my life. The hubs and I are going back to the low carb lifestyle to get ready for an adults only trip to Jamaica. Right now, the thought of getting into a bathing suit is frightening. Although I’m so jazzed about going low carb that I bought a couple of pieces of vacation gear… off of Amazon. AMAZON! Have you shopped here for clothing?! Free shipping and returns? You can’t beat it. I got some killer deals and will report back after I try them on. It could be a disaster…either quality wise or sugar laden-ed body wise. But I was making candy bouquets today, and didn’t eat one piece of candy, so I felt thinner already. That led to me purchasing this bikini, straw tote and adorable little pretty clip for the bag. I got a few other things, but I’ll share at a later date if they work out.

But check these out. So cute, right?

Do you shop on amazon for clothing and accessories? Share some of your faves if you do. Would love to see! Until tomorrow….stay sweet. Stevia sweet.



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