Hearts aren’t just for Valentines…

Before I start telling this weeks adventure, let me start by stating the obvious. I’m fine. But, for a week, I was pretty sure I might be having a heart attack. So let me go back to the beginning. Last Wednesday, I woke up and my left arm had a dull, aching pain radiating down it. I had my husband pull on it to stretch it, I put a heating pad on it, popped some Motrin. Nothing. Gah. Why did it have to be the left arm?! I had candy to buy and bouquets to make, not to mention laundry that I had been putting off since I’ve been consumed with my new biz… Anyway, the Motrin kicked in a bit, and I went about my day…fast forward a few days and now I’m texting my friend Tara…my neighborhood nurse. “I seriously don’t have time for a heart attack…am I having a heart attack?” She wasn’t convinced, so I carried on. But the dull aching pain was bothering me a ton. More stretches, a few Amazon $35 prime purchases(same day shipping y’all) My cabinet is now stocked to look like I’m an NFL sports star, or a 97 year old woman. A few days go by and no improvement. If anything, it’s gotten worse and now the ache is in the left side of my breast as well as my arm. I open Facebook and the first thing I see? An article about a cardiac nurse who waited for 6 days, through the SAME pain I was having, thinking the same thing I was thinking (get a massage, use more oils, etc), and she WAS having a heart attack. Oh snap. It must be an omen or sign from my grandparents on the other side that I indeed, was having a heart attack. I’m feeling shaky now. In a slight panic I text another nurse friend with whom I was just out with at a school event, and she assured me I didn’t look gray and “like I was having a heart attack”. That made me feel a bit better until I text my husband, who was traveling. He said he was sure I was OK and that I have a vivid imagination, almost hypochondriac-like. Cue the spike in my blood pressure. How is he not hopping back on a plane and coming to nurse me back to health?! I informed him that if I did in fact drop dead, I would haunt him for the rest of his life for not taking this seriously. I started imagining what I would do to him. Hiding his tech gadgets would be the first thing I would do once I mastered the art of moving things.

Well, clearly I made it through the night again and the next morning (well, mid morning…had to have my coffee and throw in some laundry) I headed to the urgent care to finally get checked out. They decided they wanted to give me an EKG but first up was the scale. Oh for the love…what a time to start a dang candy business. I hopped on the scale and Sweet Baby Jesus… If I wasn’t having a heart attack already, I was now! Time to lay off the Twix bars. Next up they put on all these little electro-tabs… Yes, I may have made that word up, but I’m not sure what they are really called. The nurse asks me to take off my socks and pull up my pants. Ooph. That could have been a “hairy situation” because typically mid January, the razor and my legs go on a little break. Like Ross and Rachel on “Friends”. I pictured what would have happened if I hadn’t just prepped for my pedi the day before due to an upcoming girls weekend…the nurse would gasp, I would be wide eyed and yelling about the razor. My exact words would be “We were on a break!” Again, if you don’t say it the way Ross does, you may be too young for this blog. I watch Golden Girls still. I have a rheumatologist for goodness sake. Maybe I really am having a heart attack… I’m so old. Anyway, that crisis was averted. Now onto the heart. They run the EKG and thankfully all is fine with the ticker. The doctor believes it’s actually a pinched nerve, and some soft tissue issues…I wonder if it could be candy bouquet arm?! Today is the second day of prednisone and finally the first day of no pain. Once I stop the prednisone, I need to make an appointment with an ortho, and get some massage therapy/soft tissue manipulation. While getting old gracefully may not be my thing, at least I’ll hopefully get insurance to cover some massages! Score!

So now back to the grind. Valentine’s Day is coming up and a good reminder that while you can get many hearts in a candy bouquet, if you think there is a chance that you are having a heart attack, don’t push it off like I did. Get your heart checked. Thankfully mine is fine, but I could have been out of pain a lot sooner. Also, if you need to haunt anyone in the future, message me, I came up with some great ones after my convo with my darling husband. Florence Nightingale he is not. But then again, maybe I am a little nuts with things. Speaking of nuts…and chocolate… Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquets are going up on my Facebook site on Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 7pm. Limited supplies, so mark your calendars. Local pickup only at this time. My link is below…even if you’re not local, check it out. I hope to have shipping options sometime soon!

Hearts and Hugs!



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