Call me Wonka.

Two weeks ago I was perusing the local school district website, looking for part time work. I decided (with the hubs happily encouraging) to do something that doesn’t involve spending money. Going out to lunches with girlfriends is so great (albeit not for my waistline) and shopping is super fun (more fun if you aren’t on a budget) but it’s just not sustainable. I mean, it COULD be if we were multi millionaires, but sadly we are not. Sigh.

My issues: I always wonder who would take off if the kids were sick (duh, it would always be me). I think back to last year when each of the kids got the flu…each lasting a week, never at the same time. It was almost a month before I didn’t have at least one child home. What would I do if that happened again? The one year I went back to work, my kids didn’t even get sick that often, but my mom got breast cancer, my grandfather had a stroke and then shortly after passed away, the snow was bad that year and my school would be open while my kids was closed. I had a traveling husband and it was just stressful… I loved my job, but family first. Always. I didn’t return for a second school year.

So I threw myself into doing fun themed events for my kids. Gave me something to do. Many of my friends know I love to theme. Anything. Not just parties. Any-thing. A movie night, a breakfast, Presidents Day for goodness sake…

I blame Disney. I worked there in college and that’s where it all began.

After many friends urged me to start planning parties, I decided I SHOULD do something along those lines. BUT, I know how much work it takes to theme something…how crazy I get when I’m planning my kids parties…how early I start gathering materials. I’d be a LUNATIC if I had to do for someone else, much less do multiple. I could imagine it not being fun for me after awhile. I never want to lose the desire…it makes me so happy…even if my teen tries to ruin it with his constant eye rolls and pleas for me to act normal. HA.

So here I am. Thinking hard about how I could theme, shop and eat. It was all making my head spin. Because my diet doesn’t start until after my upcoming girls weekend, I grabbed a Snickers. I took a bite, then another. The marketing is so right. Snickers really DOES satisfy. I looked at the wrapper. I picked up another one. (Don’t judge- this second snickers helped me come to realize what I was going to do next in life!!) I thought…. CANDY BOUQUETS. That’s what I could do. But the great part is that it doesn’t even have to be candy. It could be gift cards, or lotto tickets or a combo…the options are endless. AND it could be for any holiday, a birthday, a get well, a baby…so many ways to get creative and dust the cobwebs off of my brain!

So I present to you, Decor-eating at it’s finest. A couple of candy bouquets I’ve put together this weekend. My new gig…

I’m excited. (I’m also a little embarrassed at the checkout line at each store I go to gather my goodies. I feel the eyes peering at me as I unload my sugar filled cart onto the belt. If only I had lost another 15 lbs before starting this new venture, I’d feel a little more secure in placing 18 packs of reeses peanut butter cups, 72 hershey bars and 112 movie theater style candy boxes on the belt).

With all that candy coming into my house, my kids are in heaven. They also want to buy EVERY. SINGLE. ONE I make. My son said, “I will pay you full price for that!” My response, “No candy for you!!” If you read this like the Soup Nazi, you, my friend, are as old as me. I used that tone with my kids and they just wrinkled their foreheads and looked at me with a look that showed just how much they have missed out in life by not watching Seinfeld.

Tonight, each of my kids asked to help make bouquets. I told them I would pick up some things they can make as practice items. I’m pretty sure they do not want to actually help, but want to eat what they make. But I am taking the help! They have gone shopping though, helped me pick out all the “good stuff”…they are my own little Oompa Loompas, and I am now Willy Wonka. And my house is a crazy messy Candy Factory.

Well, I’m going to bid you adieu as the last football game of the day is ALMOST over and I’m eagerly awaiting to see the winner. I began to prep some Super Bowl bouquets…one includes a football I had to cut open. (My boys shrieked in horror as I cut the first one!) Time to get started prepping to find out who the Rams will be playing against! It’s going to be a good game based on these two playoff games today!!!

Sweet Candy Dreams…



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