Will you be my Valentine?

While it’s only mid January, I have had a few weeks to rest after Christmas and my brain is starting to wake up and say, “What’s next”?! As my kids get older, they are not into the fluff holidays as much. (Fluff for me just means a holiday other than Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Of course we LOVE Halloween but I consider that a fluff holiday because it doesn’t really involve family…although I may just love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups as much as I do my husband. Maybe more sometimes. I joke! But it’s darn close!)

Anyway, we are coming up to a three day weekend and the forecasts are calling for snow. So what could be better than figuring out what we can do to make Valentines Day fun for teen/tweens! Isn’t that what everyone has on their docket? šŸ˜‰ It’s hard to think of things that appeal to teenage boys especially since it’s such a “sappy Hallmark holiday” (words spewed from my non-theme loving teenage sons mouth…he takes after his father..insert eye roll.) But I’m going to give it a shot anyway. They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so we will see if that works on moody teenage boys too.

I’ve started to set the kitchen and dining room tables since it’s been looking quite bare ever since the Christmas decor came down. We don’t use the dining room table that often, so why not set up for our meal there!? I try to re-purpose a lot of the red Christmas decor to go along with Valentine’s Day…otherwise, I’ll hear it from my husband. So this year, my holiday plates from Pier 1 are going to be used, as well as napkins I found at Home Goods on clearance after Christmas. Ok, so they’re not re-purposed, but clearance. So basically it was almost free and it would be rude not to use them. I found some cute Valentines Day heart ornaments from Hobby Lobby as well. $5 a package, so I added some to my winter trees, and then also used as a napkin ring of sorts. Again, not re-purposed, but used for different purposes, so that’s kinda the same too. Everything else has been used before either for Valentines Day or Christmas. I have pictures of each of our family members from a couple of years ago saying what they love about our family, so I use them as place cards at each setting. I moved the boys in for the picture so you can see. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Little bit of winter paired with some hearts…
Kitchen decor- re-purposed Christmas!

I have planned to give each child a heart shaped box that I actually already picked up from Target. They have candy specific heart boxes now! I got a Sour Patch kids, a Twix, a RPB cup, and a Skittles one. (Each is a favorite candy for one of my kids). I plan to start the holiday after they get home from school on the 14th because that day is an early dismissal for our school. So, when they get home they’ll get some after school treats. (Normally no snack after school for younger 3 since they don’t get home until 4:30 and we usually just eat dinner then.) But anyway, I saw yesterday that Kellogg now makes Strawberry Rice Krispies so I bought a box and am going to make some easy Rice Krispie treats and cut out with a heart cookie cutter. I also want to give them some fruit along with their sugar ladened treats, so will also serve up some chocolate covered strawberries. There is fruit in there!! That’s the easy part. Now to come up with something that the boys would love…and not get eye rolls. I think I’ve got it for the meal. While my kids may have expensive taste for clothing, their palate is that of a 3 year old. It’s really quite depressing. So, with that being said, I’m going to go with a family favorite…breakfast for dinner. I’m thinking heart pancakes, rolled bacon into hearts, and then would it be weird to spell out LOVE in sausage? Links for the straight letters and a sausage roll for the O? It will DEFINITELY get an eye roll but I’m doing it anyway. I’m quite excited about that, but I’m also quite certain they will destroy my feelings with many “you’re so weird” comments. But now at least I can say, well I’m doing it for the blog! haha. Beat that, teen boy. Mom:1, Teen Boy: 3700

I have a couple other thoughts for Valentine’s Day and I’m going to work on the big one this weekend. IF it works out, I will share with you on Sunday. If it doesn’t, well then pretend you never read this last paragraph.

Happy three day winter storm weekend! Stay warm and cozy and we’ll chat soon!



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