Football is for food.

We are a big football family. I went to Penn State and am a hard core Nittany Lion fan. My boys both know a ridiculous amount of stats on any and every NFL player, which is both assuring to know that they CAN retain facts/knowledge, and infuriating because this seems to be the only thing they want to “study”. My one son is a Baltimore Ravens fan, the other a Philadelphia Eagles fan (more understandable as we live in Pennsylvania) and I am a NY Giants fan (from growing up on Long Island, NY). My husband and the twins root for one of those three teams…depending on who is playing. But mainly, they are there for the food. And seriously…I love to watch football, but the food is where it’s at.

Tonight, the Eagles are playing. The boys are watching with friends, so it’s just the four of us at home watching a team we hope wins because they are our home team and for me, with each passing game, the food will get better and better. We didn’t really plan anything for tonight because the boys were going out, so myt daughter and I went through our pantry to see what we could come up with.

I made some chili as I ALWAYS have those ingredients on hand during the winter and found some pretzel mix and some Key Lime curd I bought at a shop in Lancaster. (Kitchen Kettle Village for the win! Have you been? If not, definitely check it out!) I mixed the curd with some whipped cream and piped it into shortbread tart shells (also bought at kitchen kettle village) We were thinking about how we could theme the pretzels because there is not a movie or game or holiday that will pass where there is not at least one thing themed to go with it. I am aware that it’s weird, but also, I don’t care. It makes me happy. Because this was the only food I could think about theming (I was going to add green food coloring to the key lime tarts, but I also hate to use food dyes..unless I couldn’t come up with anything else. haha) We decided to write out the letters – and thankfully “EAGLES” was pretty easy to do with pretzel dough! We also made a goalpost and some footballs. We found some queso dip I had bought over the holidays and heated that up as a dipping sauce. I am supposed to be low carb but….football. Sigh.

Also, GOOD DEAL ALERT. I bought some matching generic football shirts because, while I will root for the Eagles and Ravens, as a Giants fan, could never actually wear their gear. It just feels dirty. So, I was shocked to find these shirts in adult sizes…and for $5! SCORE. Plus Free shipping on every order!! It’s like I won the Super Bowl of shopping trips. I’m not affiliated with the store, but here are 3 of us wearing them (the 4th, me, was behind the lens… do they make selfie sticks for iphone 8 plus? Cause I think I need one if they do!)–This-Is-My-Game-Day-Shirt–Football-Graphic-Tee-2113426-1363

Anyway, that’s all for today. Nothing major to share but wanted to let you know about some good deals for the day to my football following friends!


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