It doesn’t always start out pretty…

So many things don’t start out pretty, but with a little oomph we can make it better. It’s kind of like when I wake up in the morning. A hot mess express stares back at me in the mirror most mornings (especially since becoming a mom to a teen and 3 tweens), but with a hot shower, a cup of coffee and a liberal amount of makeup, I can make myself presentable. The same goes for when I think of decorating for a party or holiday…it’s a jumbled mess in my head, but with a stop or two to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby, and a few searches through Pinterest, I can usually come up with some ideas to make things my own and make them snazzy. (I said this to my teenager and got an eyeroll, but sorry, if you can say something is lit, I can call something “snazzy”. (Be happy I don’t say it while snapping my fingers and shaking my hips, because I kinda want to…it’s that kind of word). Anyhoo, I digress…that’s where this blog comes in. It’s not going to be pretty at first because I’m 43 and apparently that’s the age where I become a technological dinosaur. I can online shop like a pro, and bank online (unlike my mother, who apparently turned into the tech dino around the time that online banking came about)… I can also make an annual photo book like a freaking champ. But figuring out how to make a blog website pretty…adding links to great finds…that’s where I may struggle a bit. So bare with me. Here we go…

My friends always encourage me to give the party planning or event planning a shot, but truth be told, I don’t want to. That’s a job and that’s where a ridiculous amount of stress would come in because if that’s my JOB, I would be a perfectionist. And I am CRAZY enough as is balancing 4 kids, a house and a traveling husband. I’m afraid that I won’t love it if I do it professionally for money. I’ve burned out a lot over the years as their bedtimes got later and their activity schedule doubled and tripled, but I still love to do this for my family!! (Even though my 14 year old BEGS me to be a normal mom and just set out a bag of chips when friends come over). But that’s not me. I preach to each of them…you do you. This is me. So instead of a bag of chips, I do things like this:

The Halloween spread I put out when my kids had 4 friends coming over. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the amount of sugar kids need to consume in 3 hours, but doesn’t it look fun!?

Anyway, the few times I do it over the year for my kids and their friends brings me so much joy. My younger kids love it too (for now) so until they all stop inviting people over, I’ll keep at it. Then maybe after that, I’ll look into making it more of a job. However saying all of this doesn’t mean I don’t want to share and help others who may not have the time or energy to come up with themed nights/parties/holidays. I post a lot on my Facebook page. Like, a LOT. But, I do it with best intentions. Some say their kids are jealous or they want to stab me with a fork (true story…although I’m 89% sure she was joking) but I like to share ideas that other people can recreate. So, I thought a blog might be fun instead. I can link where I get things, recipes that I find, how I make things, and what the overall look could be. You can recreate and make it your own or do the same darn thing. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then follow me and as soon as I figure this whole thing out, you’ll be the first one to see. But for now, don’t mind the white background and basic formatting- I can only do so much with a free blog site! But free is for me! It means I have more money to spend on theming! Or save. My husband would love me to say “save”. I’ll do my best….

Speaking of husband. He and my kids are champs with going along with my themes. (Minimal resistance nowadays…I’m weakening their will to fight me on Christmas themed events which are my FAVORITE) However, I do tend to sometimes get carried away and not always do people “get it”. This year, we spoofed National Lampoons Christmas Vacation for our holiday card. I know a few people really got a kick out of it and got the movie reference right away. Unfortunately I didn’t think to actually reference the movie on the card so I sent out this:

…and I got messages like:

  • “Who is Dave – Donald Trump?” ( No, but this makes me wonder. Who would the rest of us be?)
  • “Why is your daughter holding a beer?” (Yeahhhh, I guess looking back on it and you don’t know she’s spoofing Cousin Eddie, this would be a little inappropriate. Especially now that I think of my Christmas list which includes grandmothers and friends of my parents. Oddly enough, my dad didn’t know who we were either…he was the one who made the Donald Trump comment above..although oddly enough did not question his granddaughter holding a can of beer. Hmmm)
  • “What happened to your sons hair?” (Really? I post his picture on FB at least once a week. It’s a wig, people.)
  • “OMG your cat is so fat. What do you feed him?” (Yes. He’s very fluffy! We feed him scientific diet cat food…but he also enjoys cucumbers, cantaloupe, meats, fish and cheese…and long walks on the beach.)

Anyway, that’s my awesome family who goes along with all of my theming. And this is my first blog post. So thanks for reading it through. Stay tuned for more…

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